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To my female friends – how often do you do something “crazy”?

I’m asking because, throughout my life I’ve been called “crazy”, “nuts”, “mad”, “reckless” for my various choices… and the interesting thing is, 99% of the time it’s come from other women.

Why is that? 

Pre-kids when I was able to get to the gym for 6.30am to train my body and get my mind into gear for the day, I’d come into work and male colleagues would comment that my early morning discipline was “impressive”… Female colleagues on the other hand would remark, “You’re just mad”.

When I became pregnant with Daisy and my female friends and colleagues discovered I was planning a home birth, they responded with:

“That’s crazy, why would you put yourself through it?”

“Isn’t that a bit reckless?”

“How do you know you’ll be able to cope?”

“They don’t give out medals you know!”

“You’re nuts. Why would you turn down an epidural?”

“Oooh, you’re a bit brave!”

And the best one was from my female GP:

“Errrr, (cue patronising smile) let’s learn to walk before we attempt to run, shall we…”

Excuse me?

For the record, giving birth, especially for the first time, is an intense experience so yes, I was brave. And yes, I did cope.

And that’s my point.

I am always struck by how often, just in normal, everyday life, other women remark that my doing anything remotely physically and therefore mentally challenging is either “insane” or beyond them.

Today, I still train like an athlete, I fast for 14-16 hrs most days (“what, you skip breakfast?! I couldn’t do that…”) and at the end of showering, I turn the dial to as cold as it will go… (“You’re a masochist! WHY?!”) It’s super cold and it takes my breath away EVERY time, but I do it because in those long seconds that it takes to get my breathing under control, I’m wiring my brain and programming my cells that I’m in charge of ME.

Doing something “crazy” doesn’t have to be the life commitment required to win 23 Grand Slams like Serena… it can be the small, daily habits that, over time, build the sort of physical, mental and emotional resilience we ALL need to get through this wild life intact and happy.

I’m committed to being crazy. Mastering my response to hunger, testing my ability to withstand cold water, pushing myself in my workouts are MY “crazy” routines that, over the years, have built an unshakable belief in myself that I GOT THIS.

What about you? What’s your form of crazy that shows YOU what you can do?

Find Your Crazy!

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March 19, 2021

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Musings on life leadership—we're talking health, wellness, cold showers and Pilates. And other cool stuff.